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CFML's Direct Invest - Education allows you to pay for your child's Bachelor degree, senior high school education or high school education tuition fees via your own New Zealand company purchasing a Conrad Properties Group developed "off-the-plan" apartment, and investing in the CFML Mortgage Fund (and any other investments CFML may propose, in consultation with you) until the settlement of your apartment.


During the construction of your apartment, your deposit funds will receive a competitive bank rate of return, and the returns from the CFML Mortgage Fund until settlement, which are guaranteed by CFML, are 5.25% p.a.2. You will then receive rental return from the settlement of your apartment.


Direct Invest – Education is available only to Wholesale Investors.

The Direct Invest - Education service is not offered by CFML in its capacity as a licensed managed investment scheme manager

Investment Example - Bachelor Degree

Buy “Off the Plan” Apartment
Less 20% Deposit (Interest Credited)
Balance of Funds 

Invest in a managed fund at 5.25% p.a until apartment completion2 
Income on investment ($107,100)3 plus interest earned on deposit ($18,360)4,5 
Cost of Bachelor Degree6 








Terms & Conditions apply. All figures quoted are pre tax and education fees are not tax deductible. Your education fees are paid directly by you from the commercial return.
1. Tuition fees paid only. 2. 5.25% p.a. is a rate guaranteed by the manager. Apartment completion dates may vary, which may result in settlement before a degree is
completed. 3. Based on 5.25% p.a. return for 3 years. 4. Based on a rate of 3.6% p.a. for 3 years. 5. These amounts are pre tax. Tax will be deducted. 6. Cost is based
on Education New Zealand for a 3 year general degree in New Zealand. University tuition costs are subject to change.
7. We recommend you seek independent financial, education, real estate and (if relevant) immigration advice from the appropriate New Zealand licensed, authorised or registered
advisers or agents.


Investor Protection

Deposit funds held

in Trust until settlement

Independent Auditors

Independent Board

CFML's Governance structure is in place to ensure there is oversight of investors' funds at all times.

Before investors’ funds are released to the Developer, CFML must receive receive all three documents necessary (Unit title, Code of Compliance Certificate and Practical Completion Certificate) to complete the transfer of the legal ownership in the apartments from the developer to the investor's New Zealand company.

How to Invest

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to talk to a CFML representative about investing in Direct Invest - Immigration, please email u using the following link below or contact our Investor Relations team

Yuan Fang

Investor Relations

Conrad Funds Management Limited

Mobile:             +64 21 187 9160

International:   +64 9 22 2903


Patrick Middleton

Chief Executive

Mobile:            +64 29 770 0017

International:  +64 9 320 0958


Current Developments




The proposed 12 storey building comprising of 111 freehold strata title residences and 3 retail units is perfectly positioned at 369 Queen Street, overlooking the stunning Myers Park. With a park sanctuary on one side and the urban bustle on the other, Queens Park Residences offers residents everything at their fingertips.

369 Queen Street, Auckland CBD


About the Developer

Conrad Properties Group (CPG), one of New Zealand's largest residential apartment developers, has 23 years of experience within Auckland. 

CFML as manager is a related party to Conrad Properties Group. Your Company will purchase apartments from a Conrad Properties Group related entity. The main potential for conflict of interest centers around pricing of the apartments. 

The Conrad Group’s Recent Auckland Developments 






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