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CFML’s Direct Invest – Immigration allows you to own your property investment via your own New Zealand company. CFML offers a turn key solution which manages everything from the establishment of your New Zealand company,  providing a New Zealand resident director, providing accounting services, setting up a New Zealand bank account for your New Zealand company, arranging for the investment of your funds prior to the settlement of your apartment and providing investment reports.​

During the construction of your apartment, your funds will receive a competitive bank rate of return. At your election, certain of your funds may also be invested in managed investment schemes or other financial products offered by CFML until the settlement of your apartment. You will then receive rental return from the settlement of your apartment.

​Direct Invest – Immigration meets the criteria for a qualifying “Growth Investment” for Immigration New Zealand purposes. The minimum investment amount is NZ$750,000

The Direct Invest – Immigration service is not offered by CFML in its capacity as a licensed managed investment scheme manager.


Some New Zealand Managed Funds provide products which Immigration New Zealand’s Criteria for the Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category) and the Investor Visa (Investor 2 Category) Residency Visas

​CFML’s Direct Invest and CFML Mortgage Fund meets the criteria for a “Growth Investment” for Immigration New Zealand purposes*

How Your Investment Works


You select a new ‘off the plan’ Auckland CBD apartments from the Conrad Properties Group. During the construction period, your funds will receive a competitive bank rate of return. Your funds may also be invested in managed investment schemes, or other financial products offered by CFML

Construction Period


Upon settlement, of your apartment(s) CFML appoints an independent property manager who rents out the apartment(s) earning a rental yield. CFML and the Property Manager will manage all advertising, tenants and bills associated with the renting of your apartments.

Rental Period


At the conclusion of your Immigration New Zealand investment period requirement, you have the option to take over the management of your New Zealand Company and their underlying investments, it’s apartment(s), or let CFML continue managing

Live or Sell Period

Investor Protection

Deposit funds held in Trust until settlement

Independent Auditor

Independent Directors

CFML’s Governance structure is in place to ensure there is oversight of investors’ funds at all times.

Before investors’ funds are released to the Developer, CFML must receive three documents necessary (Unit title, Code of Compliance Certificate and Practical Completion Certificate) to complete the transfer of the legal ownership in the apartments from the developer to the investor’s New Zealand company

Benefits of Direct Invest

  • Meets the criteria for Immigration New Zealand “Investor Visa” investment purposes

    CFML’s Direct Invest product meets the criteria for “Growth Investment” for Immigration New Zealand purposes.

  • Management of your investment

    CFML​ will manage your investment over the course of both the development period, and your time spent in New Zealand for your immigration purposes. This management includes all company requirements including bank accounts, domestic director requirements, tax requirements and financial requirements.

  • No Development Risk

    Your investment funds are not used for financing the development of the apartment.

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