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Distribution Returns*

The CFML Mortgage Fund is pleased to announce a 4.47% p.a. return for the quarter ended

31st March 2020.

*Returns stated are based on net returns, after fees but before tax. The table shows quarter on quarter returns only. Past performance is no indication of future performance.

CFML is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) as a Managed Investment Schemes manager, and is the Manager of the CFML Mortgage Fund

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An independent research report has been conducted by FundSource about both the Manager (CFML) and the Mortgage Fund. This can be found Here**

** The Fundsource report is intended for New Zealand clients residing in New Zealand only and must not be accessed or viewed by any person or entity outside of New Zealand.

How to Invest

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to talk to a CFML representative about investing, please email the following link or contact our Investor Relations team

Yuan Fang

Investor Relations

Conrad Funds Management Limited

Domestic:           0800 236 588

International:      +64 9 22 2903


Patrick Middleton

Chief Executive Officer

Conrad Funds Management Limited

Domestic:           +64 29 770 0017

International:      +64 9 320 0958


CFML advises you to read all of the CFML Mortgage Fund offering documents, including the PDS, before investing. If you have any questions relating to this investment or require further clarification on the content of the offering documents, we recommend that you engage with an independent financial adviser. 

How is your money invested?

The CFML Mortgage Fund is a managed fund. Your money will be pooled with other investors' money and invested in shares in CFML Lending Limited. CFML Lending then enters into loans predominantly secured by first ranking mortgages (Mortgages) over residential freehold properties (including apartments), and invests any surplus capital in on-call and short term deposits at a New Zealand registered bank.


The returns you receive from the CFML Mortgage Fund are dependent on the interest paid on the loans secured by Mortgages made by CFML Lending and interest earned on on-call and short term deposits at a New Zealand registered bank in which CFML Lending invests any surplus capital. 


Withdrawals are subject to break fees if withdrawn within a certain time from your initial investment. For more information on withdrawal fees, please consult the PDS.


 There are no upfront fees for investing in the CFML Mortgage Fund. There are on-going Management Fees, Supervisor Fees and Mortgage Administrator Fees that are paid from the CFML Mortgage Fund quarterly. For more information on the CFML Mortgage Fund fees and expenses, please consult the PDS.


The CFML Mortgage Fund elected to become a multi-rate portfolio investment entity (PIE) from inception. The CFML Mortgage Fund has also elected to be a foreign investment variable-rate PIE. The amount of tax you pay in respect of a PIE is based on your prescribed investor rate (PIR).  To determine your PIR, go to the following website, or refer to the information below. If you are unsure of your PIR, we recommend you seek professional advice or contact Inland Revenue. 

For more information please consult the PDS​

​The CFML Mortgage Fund meets the criteria for a qualifying "Growth Investment" for Immigration New Zealand purposes

Online Documents

Investment Documents

Product Disclosure Statement
Statement of Investment Policy
and Objectives (SIPO)
Other Material Information (OMI)
Investor Application Forms

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