Why Auckland, New Zealand?


Why Invest in Auckland?

As New Zealand’s only global city, Auckland is experiencing unprecedented growth and cannot service the huge demand for housing.


Source: QV

Auckland Property's Key Headlines

  • New Zealand highest property price growth in the world (Knight Frank, The Wealth Report 2016)

  • Fastest growing population in New Zealand (Statistics NZ, 2016)

  • Auckland’s annual GDP growth was 3.6% (Auckland Council, Economic Quarterly Dec 2015) 

  • Thriving business and financial hub contributes 36.6% to New Zealand’s GDP (Statistics NZ, 2015)

  • Largest city with more than 33% of New Zealand’s population (2013 Census)

  • Strong tenant demand results in high rental yields (MBIE, 2015)

NZ vs Auckland Housing Market


3rd Most Liveable City in the World

For four years in a row, Auckland has ranked third most liveable city (of 231 cities) in an annual report produced by recruitment consultancy Mercer, based on factors such as culture, environment, political stability, safety, infrastructure and ease of doing business.

1.    Vienna, Austria

2.   Zurich, Switzerland

3.   Auckland, New Zealand

4.   Munich, Germany

5.   Vancouver, Canada

6.   Dusseldorf, Germany

7.   Frankfurt, Germany

8.   Geneva, Switzerland

9.   Copenhagen, Denmark

10.  Sydney, Australia


Auckland’s Cultural Diversity

Auckland has by far the most ethnically diverse population in New Zealand. The 2013 Census shows 59.3% of people in the Auckland region belong to the European ethnic group, compared with 74.0% for New Zealand as a whole. There were 39.1% born overseas, compared with 25.2% for New Zealand as a whole and 23.1% are Asian compared to 11.8% in the rest of the country. 

Large array of nationalities and cultures in Auckland Source: 2013 Census


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